What You're Saying...

"Your acronym "BLU" has impacted my praying considerably - allowing me to lift up the individuals spotlighted in your powerful weekly bulletin as well as remind me to pray even for the unlovable persecutors whom God still desires for His own. I am humbled by His mercy and grace."
Bev   Montana

"I have been a missionary pastor, a Christian school teacher, a Christian living and working the the secular world. My church has consistently prayed for missionaries - some in persecuted areas. We frequently pray for each other. But until I heard the message of the The Fellowship of the Cross, I had not really understood the importance of praying for our persecuted brethren. They are part of the body of Christ. When they are suffering, the whole body suffers. They need our support and prayers. The time has come to step up, obey the command to 'love one another fervently with a pure heart' and PRAY!"
Tom   New Jersey

"It's great to get the short weekly updates that encourage me to pray for "BLU"
Richard   Montana

"Thanks for a more positive approach to the persecuted church. Yes, it's horrible what they're going through, but our Lord is big enough to bring them out -- we just need to pray. We need to have compassion and faith, not apathy and fear. Once we, as a church, understand we're all connected as a Body, and we really begin to pray for those being oppressed, we will see God's power unleashed in ways that will astound us. Thanks for giving us a unifying way to do that."
Donna   Georgia

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Tell a Friend About OneMillionPraying.org

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Hello (friend),

I wanted to invite you to join with me in "breathing" a word of prayer for the Persecuted Church.

OneMillionPraying.org made me aware that over 200 million Christians are living under persecution in over 40 countries. This persecution includes: limitations on meeting and worshiping together, denial of jobs or to run a business, beatings, being thrown into prison and sometimes even being killed for their faith in Jesus Christ. This translates to at least 1 out of every 10 Christians in our world experiencing severe persecution.

Tens of thousands of our fellow believers are in refugee camps, tens of thousands more are in prison, and an estimated 150-200 thousand will give their lives this year for their faith in Jesus Christ!

Yet, OneMillionPraying.org encouraged me with the truth that my brief moments of prayer matter for our Persecuted Family. And in that brief moment of prayer, I place my trust in our living and everlasting God to protect and provide for our persecuted brothers and sisters. OneMillionPraying is also showing me how God is answering my prayers and the prayers of many others. It really does only take a moment of my time on a regular basis!

Please join with me! Let's watch God work through our prayers for our persecuted body of Christ!

God Bless!

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