"How We Saw God Work"
July 2009 through June 2010
Third Anniversary of the "Crown Of Life" Weekly Email

"Crown of Life" Incident Date Country or Area Answered Prayer BLU Incidents Answers to Prayer
8/11/09 8/3/09 Turkey Ismail Aydin, a Believer was attacked and held hostage for a half-hour by a young Muslim who threatened to kill him for evangelizing in the city of Istanbul. But God protected Aydin. Ismail also forgave his attacker. Protection & Power B 1 2
8/11/09 Aug '09 Pakistan After the killing of 20 Christians and the burning of 100 Christian homes, the parliament of Pakistan publically condemned the killings 2 days after the violence. The President, Asif Ali Zardar, announced that the families of everyone killed would be given about $6,000 and every family whose home was burned would receive about $3,500. High ranking government officials attended the funerals. This show of concern by an Islamic government is not common. The Spirit is opening eyes & hearts. BU 1 1
8/18/09 Aug '09 Mexico 47 Evangelical Christians were released from prison in Acteal, Mexico after being falsely convicted of a hideous crime on Dec. 22, 1997. The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that their convictions were not justified. 15 of the men became Christians while in prison! Protection & Salvation BU 1 47
8/25/09 Aug '09 Sri Lanka In a recent attack on a Church in Sri Lanka, the masked men said, "This is your last day! If we let you live, you will convert the whole town!" God protected the pastor's life. B 1 1
9/1/09 8/9/09 India Hindu extremists barged into a worship service in Karnataka state and attacked Pastor James. He was able to escape. When the extremists later attacked his whole family, they were all able to escape. God protected this family! B 2 2
9/1/09 2009 Iran Maryam Rustampoor & Marzieh Amirizadeh were arrested and put into prison on blasphemy charges on March 5th of this year. In spite of poor health, poor conditions & poor treatment and the offer to be released if they deny Christ, they are still standing for their faith. Protection, Provision, Perseverance, Power B 1 8
9/15/09 9/4/09 Pakistan Some men, trying to incite hatred towards Christians, tore up a copy of the Koran and put it in front of a Church on Sept 4th. Desecration of the Koran is one part of the blasphemy law in Pakistan and carries severe penalties. The Muslim residents of the village picked up the torn copy of the Koran and gave it to the Muslim clerics. The Muslim clerics told the Christians they know they didn't do it. Protection & the Spirit changing hearts B 1 Several
9/15/09 9/5/09 Laos Thao Aom (having accepted Christ just 10 months ago), was arrested on Sept. 5th and interrogated and threatened. But he would not deny his new found faith and was banished from his village. Protection, Perseverance, Power B 1 3
9/15/10 Recent Nigeria We have the testimony of Pastor George Orji who just before the Islamic militant group, Boko Haram, took his life, Pastor Orji turned to the other captured Christians and said, 'Tell my brothers I died well'. Pastor Orji is now with his Savior! Courage L 1 1
9/29/09 Aug-Sep '09 Iraq A Christian doctor, who had been kidnapped on Aug. 18 by militants, was released on Sept 16 after a ransom had been paid. He was in critical condition but his life was spared. His daughter said, "We just...prayed and fasted...God was our only hope." Protection B 1 1
10/13/09 Sep '09 Egypt Abdel Kamel (61) was arrested on Sept 23rd and put in prison for 4 days for passing out gospel literature in the streets of Cairo. Although, technically not illegal, this activity would require great courage in this Islamic country. Protection & Power B 1 2
10/13/09 Recent Middle East "Jamal" was sharing Christ with a man when the man attacked him violently. In contrast to the culture, Jamal forgave him and is planning to visit him in prison. Protection & Power B 1 2
10/20/09 Recent Middle East A recent phone caller to Alkarma TV said, I used to blow up churches and now I want to pray to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior. Changed Heart U 1 1
10/20/09 Apr '09 Columbia A Pastor was killed for his involvement in an evangelistic outreach, but there where 10 guerrilla members who accepted Christ at the event. Salvation U 1 10
10/27/09 10/14/09 Ukraine Pastor Wayne Zschech and his family were protected from a firebomb attack on their Church and home in Kaharlyk by a Nationalist movement group. Protection B 1 2
11/3/09 10/23/09 Ethiopia 2 evangelists were released from prison. They had been falsely accused of trying to bribe people to come to Christ. Amanuel, one of the 2 evangelists said, "The enemy has tried to frustrate us and delay our freedom, but through prayers and God's intervention, we are now released from prison. We thank those who prayed on our behalf." Protection B 1 2
11/11/09 Recent India 25 families recently came to faith in Christ in Orissa, India which was the center of violence against Christians in '08. Salvation U 1 25
11/11/09 Recent Inda Another 15 families chose to follow Christ in an area where the bold missionary was warned to leave the village. Protection, Perseverance, Courage & Salvation BLU 1 18
11/24/09 11/18/09 Iran Maryam Rustampoor and Marzieh Amirizadeh were released from prison. See 9/1/09. Protection B 1 2
11/24/09 Recent Pakistan A report states that 59 Christians were released from prison in Pakistan. Protection B Several 59
12/1/09 Feb '09 Pakistan Jehanzaib Asher, 22, a barber, shared Christ with a member of the Taliban. He was accused of blasphemy and was severely beaten. He said, "Only God could have saved me from this calamity. Otherwise, no one could save me from their hands." Power & Protection B 1 2
12/1/09 Nov '09 China Osman Imin, a house church leader in China, was released from prison after 2 years. Protection B 1 1
12/1/09 Nov '09 China 500 members of a house church in Shanghai met outdoors (they were evicted from their church building a couple of weeks ago) on Nov. 15 in spite of their leaders being detained by the police. Perseverance & Boldness B 1 Several
12/15/09 11/18/09 China Wusiman Yiming was released from prison in China after 2 years. Yiming is a convert from Islam who was arrested in 2007. Protection B 1 1
12/15/09 Recent Sudan Howida Ali turned to faith in Christ a few years ago. She is hiding from her Muslim family in Sudan who are trying to take her life. Protection B 1 1
12/22/09 12/11/09 Vietnam An alliance of house churches in Ho Chi Minh City gained approval to hold a public event to celebrate Christmas & promote the gospel. 40,000 people showed up at the outdoor service on Dec. 11th.. About 8,000 people accepted the invitation to follow Jesus Christ! Salvation U 1 8,000
12/22/09 Dec '09 Pakistan Gulsher Masih and his daughter Ashyana Gulsher were release from prison in Pakistan. They had been falsely convicted of blasphemy for desecrating the Koran in October of 2008 and spent 14 months in prison. Protection B 1 2
12/22/09 Recent South Asia A ministry reports that 4000 people came to faith in Christ recently after seeing a film on Jesus that was shown in 300 villages. Salvation U Several 4,000
12/22/09 12/16/09 Eritrea 5 elderly Christian women were released from prison after having been arrested on Dec. 5th for praying together in a home. Protection B 1 5
12/29/09 12/23/09 Vietnam On December 23rd, in Hanoi, 12,000 people gathered and publicly celebrated Christmas. After a strong gospel presentation, 2000 came forward to follow Christ! Salvation U 1 2,000
12/29/09 12/19/09 Vietnam The Evangelical Church of Vietnam gathered at the Hoang Nhi church in Nam Dinh Province. 2500 people came and 200 made a decision to follow Jesus. Salvation U 1 200
1/19/10 Recent Pakistan Imran Masih (21) and Khushi Masih (24) encountered a wedding party with men toting AK-47s. When Imran & Khushi were asked to say the Muslim oath, they declined by quoting Psalm 91. Infuriated the men shot them and left them for dead. Imran whispered from his hospital bed, "Praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who raised us from the dead!" Protection, Power B 1 4
1/26/10 1/4/10 Iran 12 of 15 Christians were released from prison after being arrested in Pakdasht on December 24 for meeting together to celebrate Christmas. Protection B 1 12
1/26/10 12/31/09 Sudan Ruth and Ubandoma and their 3 children are a missionary family from Nigeria serving with the Evangel Missionary Society. They were attacked at night in their home and their house was set on fire. They were all able to escape the bullets and their burning house. Protection B 1 5
3/2/10 2/9/10 India The village residents in West Bengal met with the purpose of expelling the missionaries after learning one of their members had become a Christian. After hearing video testimonies of several new Believers and why they had become followers of Christ, the villagers decided to allow the missionaries to continue sharing God's love. Changed Hearts U 1 Several
3/2/10 Recent Eritrea Pastor Habtom Tewelde, 55, was released from prison. Protection B 1 1
3/9/10 Feb 5 & 15, 2010 Eritrea World Evangelical Alliance is reporting that 12 Christians were released from prison on bail after having been in prison for 2 years and 2 other Believers were released on Feb. 15. Protection B 2 14
3/23/10 Recent Eritrea VOM Canada is reporting the release of 30 Believers from prison including 3 pastors. This may overlap the info in last week's email of 14 Believers being released in February. Protection B Unknown 16
3/23/10 Recent Laos The provincial governor is overruling the district authorities in Laos and is trying to help 48 Christians. The Christians had been evicted from their village at gunpoint. The governor told the Christians that they have the right to believe in Christianity and to live any where they want. The details are still to be worked out on where they can build their new homes. Provision B 1 48
3/23/10 Recent Iran An Iranian doctor came to know Christ in early 2010 after being moved by the testimony of Believers on a satellite television program titled "Healing for the broken hearted." He contacted the ministry and a Church planter courageously went to visit him and led him to the Lord. Courage, Salvation LU 1 2
4/6/10 4/2/10 Pakistan At least 18 gunmen entered the campus of Gordon College on April 2 in Rawalpindi and interrupted Good Friday Services in the chapel and took hostages. The local police, who are often reluctant to get involved, came and freed the hostages and apprehended some of the suspects. No serious injuries were reported. Protection B 1 Many
4/6/10 Recent India Gospel for Asia (GFA) is reporting that in one district of the state Orissa where there was persecution of Christians in 2008, 40 people have come to faith in Christ. Salvation U Many 40
4/6/10 Recent India GFA is reporting 13 people accepted Christ recently and publicly testified to their relationship with Christ on March 12. Since then, some have been beaten, others had their homes damaged and all are being denied use of the village well. Salvation, Perseverance BU Many 26
4/13/10 Recent Middle East Open Doors published a letter from an imprisoned pastor to his wife. In the letter he describes answers to 6 of our 7 points in our BLU prayer including the open hearts of other prisoners to hear the gospel. BLU 1 6
4/20/10 2010 Ethiopia Abera Ongeremu, an evangelist, was beaten to near death on Jan 27 by a mob thought to be from an Orthodox Church. Ongeremu said,"I thought it was my last. I now understand nothing will happen to you without the will of God. That was not the day God allowed for me to die." Protection B 1 1
4/27/10 Apr '10 South Asia Pastor Sunil Rao leads a group of 25 new Believers. On April 14, a mob of 40 people interrupted their fellowship and confiscated their Bibles. The extremists warned the pastor to leave and never come back. Yet both he and the new Christians continue to meet. Perseverance B 1 25
5/11/10 Recent Iraq We have the testimony of a Voice of the Martyrs contact in Iraq who said, "Despite the threat that Christians face daily in Iraq, we are feeling God's protective hands surrounding us every minute." Protection B Many Many
5/11/10 4/17/10 China Pastor Dou Shaowen, was released early from prison in China. He had been sentenced to one year of hard labor on June 14, 2009. Protection B 1 1
5/25/10 May '10 Iran Maryam and Marzieh (See 11/24 and 9/1 COL dates) were acquitted by an Islamic court in Iran but warned against any future Christian activity. After their acquittal, they left the country of Iran but still have a heart for their people. Protection B 1 2
5/25/10 Recent Sri Lanka 12 Believers were attacked by a mob of 500 led by a Buddhist monk. The Christians were passing out fliers about a Christian movie they were showing in a village. The Christians are recovering. Protection & Perseverance B 1 24
6/1/10 May '10 China Sixteen major house church leaders from many provinces in China were detained while meeting for prayer and Bible Study on May 5. All were released on May 21. Protection B 1 16
6/1/10 May '10 China Pastor Wang Dao of Liangren Church, in Guangzhou city, China is in prison. When given a choice to be exiled from China or face a long imprisonment, he chose the latter as a testimony to his Church and to his country. Strength & Courage L 1 1
6/22/10 2010 Indonesia The government closed the "under construction" Huria Kristen Batak Protestan Filadelfia church building in January 2010 for unknown reasons. The church is in the process of appealing the closing decision in the courts. The Church has been meeting outdoors in front of their closed building since January 12 with temperature sometimes hitting a humid 90 plus degrees and there are often rainstorms. Perseverance B Many Many
6/29/10 6/18/10 China Pastor Wang Dao, of the Liangren Church was released from prison on bail (see 6/1 entry). Protection B 1 1

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Super Answers
10/6/09 2009 North Korea In answer to our prayers, there is a softening of hearts and a glimmer of light that is being opened in North Korea. Dr James Kim, an overtly Christian from the U.S., has been given permission to start a university in North Korea ( along with support from South Korea and China. Although there is a long way to go in this repressive country, we pray that God would use this small step to bring about great change in North Korea and their treatment of our Christian family.
Dec '09 Dec '09 Vietnam It is nothing short of amazing what God did on several occasions in Vietnam in December of 2009. God gave courage to many house churches to seek approval from government authorities to allow large evangelistic meetings in several cities. And the governmental authorities gave the permission for these events to take place. God changed the hearts of many people through our prayers beyond the 12,000 plus that came to know Christ at these events.
12/22/09 Nov '09 Turkey A massive plot was foiled in Turkey in November that targeted Christians and other minorities all over the country. Our God continues to answer our prayers for protection of the Persecuted Church in miraculous ways.
4/20/10 2009 China China Aid is reporting that although the number of Christians affected by persecution in China rose in 2009, there were only 389 arrested (down 49% from 2008) and 23 were sentenced to prison (down 34%).
5/4/10 Apr 14-15, '10 India God protected 10,000 Believers as they gathered for a gospel meeting on April 14 and 15 in Balaghat, India. The Christians still met even after warnings were published from Hindu extremists in the local newspapers in the days leading up to the event. Even with police present, the militants still threw 2 fuel-bombs into the stadium but by God's grace, both failed to explode. Some of the Believers were attacked as they left the event but God protected His saints.
5/18/10 Recent Mulitple "God is opening doors in places that have been closed in the past. For years, we've been asking people to pray and I think that what we are seeing today is the fact that God has answered those prayers." -- a recent quote from the website of another organization that supports Persecuted Christians. This is just another confirmation of the effectiveness of your prayers for BLU. One Million Praying believes that God will bless many organizations who are working with the Persecuted Church through your prayers.